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February 5, 2010

Very Dark Nutella Curd

This post honors the 2010 World Nutella Day – in spirit, at least 🙂

Nutella curd

This is a coming out.
I am one of those posh, unbearable persons who will turn their head with a disgusted look at people who choose to eat something with Nutella. I will always order my crêpe with real chocolate, or crème de marron, or butter and sugar, rather than having a crêpe with Nutella. When in a hotel, at the breakfast buffet I’d always leave there the little Nutella boxes in favour of.. pretty much anything else.

It is not that I can’t eat it. It is just too cheap and … now I am going to admit it… not very good.

Too sweet, too fatty.

And yet.

Before you start throwing stones at me, I need to finish my confession.

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