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June 6, 2010

What to do with chickpeas flour

Chickpeas flour gnocchi

I am in a memory mood in this period, maybe because it is a long time since I last felt at home. Here is another dish inspired by childhood memories. Before I was born, my parents lived for a couple of years in Tuscany. Now, Italian cooking does have some generic national guidelines, but it is mainly regional. This specificity was much stronger thirty years ago: it was not so easy to find the right ingredients outside of the production area, and what is grown is so local that sometimes you will find it in a radius measuring  no more than ten kilometers. This is due to geography:   Italy is full of hills and mountains, and features a variety of climates, since it  has considerable altitude and latitude differences, and  differently exposed coastline; we even boast one humid, foggy  plane. On the other hand, Italy does have a massive, relatively recent  internal mobility, due to the presence of many low employment areas. So a lot of people move, and they bring their recipes with them.

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