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June 30, 2010


Chia beach

“I’d like to have half a kilo of cherries, please”

“You know” said the old lady on the other side of the counter “I just had them for lunch, they are really sweet. But don’t buy more, or you’ll get problems with your belly!”

“You are right. And what about the prunes? Which ones should I buy?”

“Try the yellow ones – you see, they don’t look like much. They are small and irregular. But do taste one. You don’t need to wash them, they are unsprayed”

“hmm… delicious”

“They are an old variety, ripening right now in the fields. Our producers sell them at quite a high price, but I think they are worth it.”

Sardinia boasts  great landscapes, lots of historical sights, fresh mediterranean food with a unique and interesting twist, and the most beautiful and clean sea. But above all, what really won my heart was how nice the people were. The other thing that filled my eyes with tears as soon as I arrived there was the smell, and that is really difficult to describe. I tend to forget it as soon as I leave. It is the distinctive  smell the Mediterranean Sea has, and that has become the signature of homesickness to me: warm and salty water, completely different from the way the ocean smells, and all the typical bushes that grow by it,  rosemary, sage, helichrysum, myrtus, wild fennel. The thirsty, dry land. Dried grass. Olive trees.

The way Sardegna smells

Trying to capture a smell

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