A bookmarked recipe: creamy wax beans

Serbian wax beans

My bookmarks clearly reveal my food obsessions, much more than what I actually end up cooking or posting about. I have an unthinkable amount of brioches, yeast based cakes and breads recipes of all kinds, from skillet bread to sourdough. I don’t cook my way through them much, though. I try not to eat this kind of food that often, but it is my favourite food in the world, both to eat and to cook: it all started from here with cooking, for me. I have some favourite recipes I prepare maybe once or twice a year, but I’m always dreaming to take a day off and spend it in some 12-hours super complex brioche dough.

Close to these far-fetched dreams of recipes, there is  a number of everyday’s recipes, most of them involving legumes and vegetables, which are going to be tried on a weekday for a twist on the usual favourites. I clean them with reasonable regularity; several have become favourites. Last but not least, in my bookmarks there is a vast array of recipes for studying: details on making custard tofu, a onigiri combination, a Thai salad… It is almost always Far Asian food I am exploring in this period, from Japanese to Chinese to Korean. A proper food obsession of mine.

This is a recipe I found in Susan’s blog, the Well Seasoned Cook, one of my favourite sources of legumes recipes with a twist (of course). It is  a guest post from Lana Watkins, author of Bibberche, a blog I did not know then, unlike many others who wrote guest posts to celebrate the birthday of Susan’s event, My Legume Love Affair. I was lazily going through my bookmarks and I could not believe I had overlooked this recipe so far, almost risking to run out of wax beans season. It is a summery vegetable mixture, dressed with an egg and yogurt sauce that reminds me of other recipes from Turkish and Greek cuisine. It can be served as an entree or a hearthy side, but more often than not, this, together with a couple of eggs and a bit of crusty bread, has been lunch for me.

Autumn has decided to give us an unexpected spell of summer. It is warm, pleasant and sunny and I am enjoying it, finally, although I cannot spend my days on a  beach or in the countryside, as I’d love to. But chopping this dish may give you surprises (chopping being the main task involved, and in moderate amount). The colourful and fragrant vegetables actually transported me on a farm, on a late summer allotment, picking beans straight from the plant and taking a fresh, juicy carrot out of the ground. So if there are still green beans or wax beans or runner beans around where you live, why not chop up some of them and give yourself a bit of summer on a dish.

Being a bookmarked recipe, this goes to Jaqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, who is rounding up every month mouth-watering bookmarked recipes, an event originally started by Ruth of Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments.

Creamy wax beans

Ingredients (serves 2-3, unless you’re me, in which case you have no chance to come even close to the dish)

300 gr wax beans

200 gr green beans

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1 carrot

olive oil

salt, black pepper

a small bunch of parsley

100 gr yogurt, the fatter the better

1 egg


Peel and chop the onion into rings. Peel the carrot, cut in two then slice into thin (1 – 2 mm) half moons. Peel and slice the garlic thinly. Warm the oil in a wide non stick pan and let the onion and carrot wilt, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile top all the beans and cut them in half (if fresh I like to keep the tail, but in Italy this is usually removed).After about ten minutes, when onions and carrot start to brown and get soft, add the beans, the garlic and mix well. Cover and let cook until the beans are soft but not overcooked. You may want to add your green beans after the wax ones if they are thinner. I like them cooked quite al dente, with still a bit of crunch in them. This took me about 15 minutes, but again, it depends on your beans. If the mixture starts to catch add a few tablespoons of water. Meanwhile whisk together egg and yogurt. When the vegetables are cooked to your liking, take them off the heat and immediately add the egg and yogurt mixture. Mix well as this will thicken with the heat from the vegetables, like a carbonara. Dress generously with pepper and chopped parsley, and serve.


5 Comments to “A bookmarked recipe: creamy wax beans”

  1. I was also very intrigued by Lana’s recipe and she wrote a lovely story to go with it. Your rendition looks very nice. I am relishing the green beans still available at the market.

  2. if you look for a less than 12-hour long method for briosche dough, check out my blog…

    nice vegetarian recipe, could be good with to accompany some white fish.


  3. While reading through the instructions, carbonara came to my mind and then read it at the end. Very interesting method which I will have in mind in the future.

  4. Yes, beautiful bent carbonara. I’ve got lots of beans coming on in the garden at the moment, and a recipe like this is just what I need when I’ve more beans than imagination.

  5. A great idea! Those creamy beans look scrumptious.



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