Late nights and cookies

Buckwheat biscotti

These cookies are golden, crunchy and smooth. I was surprised how much a conversion to black and white revealed of their texture. When you see them in colour, they are a triumph of golden, rich hues and the little cracks are easily overlooked.  When you bite into them, they snap and crunch, but then they are actually easy to munch and swallow, a texture that matches their flavour perfectly. They contain buckwheat flour, intensely nutty and with a raw taste, mellowed out by the conspicuous amount of butter and sugar. They are once again a creation of Kim Boyce.

We ate almost all of them with a glass of whisky while chatting with an old time friend who is here with us now. It was a good evening. This weekend we are going back to Wales. Many of our friends are still there and I almost feel as if I did not move, as if those two years never happened. It is a good feeling. I am going to bring them big boxes of cookies if I can. They are in season right now.


The picture goes to Black and White Wednesday, hosted by Susan of the Well Seasoned Cook.

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12 Comments to “Late nights and cookies”

  1. They look so tempting, even in black and white.



  2. Hi C:

    Finally someone who enjoys non-traditional snacks with drinks! I love the idea or a nutty, earthy cookie with whiskey! I myself confess to sourdough pretzel sticks with strong red wine. There is something about the play of the salt and the wine that works for me. I can see the sugar and butter of your cookies mellowing the whiskey in similar ways for you.

    Great post!


  3. my tastebuds are imagining those cookies with a glass of whiskey – and they are loving it! must, must try.

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of Buckwheat flour cookies…seems so obvious, but I never thought of using Buckwheat in baked sweets before. Can’t wait to try some old recipes with it!

    Is there anything I’d need to keep in mind about Buckwheat and how it cooks that works differently than normal flour for baking?

    • Buckwheat flour contains no gluten (buckwheat is actually not a cereal), so I’d be careful with recipes that require some structure. I suggest adding at least some white flour, both to mellow out the flavour, and to make it easier to work with. In this recipe Kim uses 3 parts of buckwheat to two of all purpose flour since the less gluten the better for cookies, but in other recipes she uses one to one or even less, when she needs some rise. In terms of water absorption I think it behaves more or less like normal flour, I’ll keep the same amount of liquid to start with and the same oven temperatures. Happy experimenting!

  5. Very nice. The sesame seeds make me really curious.

    • In the original recipe, Kim used poppy seeds but I ran out of them so I used sesame instead. I later made the cookies again with poppy, but all in all I prefer sesame: the flavours work very well together, and they looked just like pure gold.

  6. I love your series of black-and-white photographs.

    You are tempting me to buy Kim Boyce’s book!

  7. Your black and white picture is stunning:)

  8. Cookies are in season right now, aren’t they? Lovely photo.

  9. The texture really does come through in B&W. Great idea.

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