A cup of tea

A cup of tea

Today is a sad, sad day. It is all grey and wet. Sad things are happening.  More challenges lie ahead. It is one of those day when I feel I need to hug all the people I love, and so many of them are not here. I am grateful for those who are, though. It is one of those days where my cat will just stay at my side, because she knows I need her comforting presence. It is one of those days when I may just hug someone I don’t know very well. Sometimes it is all that we can do.

I am learning something though. A cup of tea brings a lot of comfort. I’ve moved to a country where the last item to be packed and the first to be brought out when you move is the kettle. Where ‘I’ll make a cup of tea’ could easily replace the national anthem. And I like it. I even need it, sometimes.

A monochrome picture, since today there is just no room for colours. Sometimes grey brings out hidden beauty and warmth.

I’m sharing this picture on Flickr, waiting for Susan to start running BWW again. Get well soon Susan, and a hug to you as well.

11 Comments to “A cup of tea”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! We all have such days…. It’ll be better tomorrow.

    A lovely picture!



  2. To day is a grey day for me too.
    Hang on in there.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are having a bad time of it.

    My advice is to take a “long view” of the problem. Will you feel so sad as today in 3 years?

    Regardless of your answer – my kindest regards,


  4. I’m sorry about your sadness. Hugs.

  5. A cup of tea and a hug can do wonders… Hope you feel better soon..

  6. It is also a country where any hotel or B&B room has a tea kettle and some tea. My black cat also knows when things are not going well. I hope the tea helped. I have been doing some work in the garden to keep my balance, but that may not be a feasible strategy where you are. I hope the clouds will part soon.

    • I actually have a small garden now, and yesterday I ordered a few plant seeds from what looks like an interesting source. I’m not an experienced gardener, and snails are a plague here, but I already feel better, and the seeds surely helped.

  7. Hey C!

    The snails (and slugs) usually like beer an awful lot (at least in the US). Try setting out shallow plates of beer to catch the little buggers and clear the garden before spring.


    • When I was living in Wales I tried also this, together with pretty much any other slug and snail mass destruction weapon, short of nuclear ones. It was a matter of getting rid of hundreds where there were thousands. Here the situation does not look as bad for the moment – they have not eaten out my primroses completely yet – so I’ll dust out some beer cans and try it again. Thank you!

  8. What a short, yet heartfelt and beautiful post. I hope that whatever problem you are facing will turn out ok. It is hard to be far from those you love in times of need. I send you a virtual hug and would love to share a cup of tea with you and chat.

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