Nibbling roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas

Summer is gone astray here. It rains and rains and rains. There are no chances to enjoy my favourite activities at home, which are two. I have a shared garden that nobody else uses, where we can have barbecues. We had no opportunity for a barbecue since last month. And then, I have a terrace above my head. I rarely go there, surely not in winter when it is covered with snow. But the views are great and it faces west, so sitting there in the evening with one of the excellent German beers and something to nibble on is a great way to unwind after a working day. There are a couple of challenges involved though:  making sure the bare wood on the floor is not wet or humid, which requires this rain to stop for at least a couple of days; trying to convince the cats not to jump down from the roof; and managing to climb the very steep ladder down even after a beer. Which makes the snacking part vital. The food must be easy to carry (you need at least one hand to climb up that ladder, so one trip for the beer and one for the snack), it must be tasty, it must be healthy because I can’t keep on putting on weight, and then you have to have some dinner, right?

Well, these roasted chickpeas would have it all, if only it stopped raining. I made it to nibble at a Harry Potter cinema marathon. I don’t know why I went, I honestly don’t: I probably wanted an excuse to make some snacks, since I’ve consistently fallen asleep at each and every Harry Potter movie so far. This snack is hot and salty and will make you lick your fingers like the best snacks should. It will make you thirsty which is great if you are relaxing on a terrace with views on the woods and easy access to beer, not so great if you are stuck in an overcrowded theatre with no air conditioning.  It will make you feel full and quite virtuous but satisfied, and may even convince you you don’t need that chocolate ice cream you’ve been craving, after all. Just one warning: the chickpeas just out of the oven were great, crunchy and tasty. I did not have time to let them cool before packing so they steamed in the package and went a little rubbery. Oh well. We ate them the same, but by all means, please plan in advance and let them cool completely before packing.

Roasted chickpeas are something you can buy: I was not aware of it until a few months ago, when I walked into a Turkish shop and bought a bag out of curiosity.  My partner already knew them: they are quite popular in the southern part of Italy and it is easy to find them at fairs as a nibble. Indeed, we bought more to snack on when we went in Calabria. The store bought chickpeas are harder than this version and they are not spiced. Here you can control the amount of salt and what spices you want on it, as well as adding  all sorts of seeds. I loved the kick from berbere, but any spice combination will work. The recipe requires a hot oven for a considerable amount of time, so maybe it is not the most summery recipe in the world. But with the summer we’re having here, at least  this is not an issue at all.

Since this recipe has sat too long on my bookmark list from Maki’s Just hungry website before I went round trying it, I am sharing it with Jaqueline @ Tinned Tomatoes, and her revamp of the event ‘Bookmarked recipes‘, originally created by Ruth @Ruth’s kitchen experiments.  And being yet another legume recipe, I am elated to be able to participate to yet another edition of My Legume Love Affair. A long lasting love affair, since with this edition, number 37, the event kicks off its fourth year. Happy birthday MLLA, and to many more to come! And thanks Susan for creating it.





Spicy Roasted chickpeas

(makes a good amount, but they keep well if you let them cool before packing)

200 gr dries chickpeas, soaked overnight and boiled until tender, or use canned

1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste

1 teaspoon berbere, or to taste, or just chilli powder

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon brown mustard seeds

1 teaspoon nigella seeds (or black onion seeds)

2 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice


Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius. Drain well the chickpeas, then toss them with salt, oil, lemon juice, the seeds and spices mixing quickly with your hands until they are all uniformly covered. Spread on a baking tray and bake until slightly browned and crunchy, mixing the chickpeas every ten minutes or so to get even roasting. Depending on your oven, this can take around 30-40 minutes. Let cool completely before storing in a tin box.


16 Comments to “Nibbling roasted chickpeas”

  1. It’s the same over here too. The weather is awful and it seems like it’s been raining for ages! I long for the long hot days of the Greek summer. We call roasted chickpeas “stragalia” in Greece and we eat them like peanuts or cashews with a glass of beer or cocktails.
    I’ve never made them myself though. I have to give these a try.

  2. Such a great snack! I love chickpeas and this would be so addictive for me.

  3. But in Berlin, there’s sun! Yesterday all day and today, just now! It just popped out. How lucky we are. Love your roasted chickpea recipe. I will definitely find the time, now I’m on holidays, to try these out.

    • I live much closer to Holland than to Berlin. I always thought Berlin is the best of Germany 🙂 hope some sun makes its way to here eventually. Enjoy your holidays!

  4. I love the photo! Roasted chickpeas is something I have had in my to-try list for a while. I really must make some. Turning on the oven in the summer is quite ok here. I recently got some green chickpeas, freshly picked, and pan-roasted them: they went fast. I am sorry to read about the weather. First it was very hot and now it pours. Rain during the summer is frustrating.

  5. These look fabulous! I love chickpeas and a crunchy chickpea is a serious treat! Harry Potter makes me sleepy too – but the Matrix is the movie that does me in every time. I have never gotten past the kock on the door and someone asking about a white rabbit!

  6. Your pictures just set the mood for the dish in such a wonderful way… makes me feel underprivileged bringing my homemade popcorn to Captain America when I could have had these!!!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever had roasted chickpeas before. This looks golden and delicious

  8. Oh, those spices! What a wonderfully addictive snack! Thank you, Caffettiera, for your fine MLLA recipe.

  9. I made these last year and had never heard of them before. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Thank you for reminding me of them so I can make them when I am on vacation. I seem to remember mine went a little rubbery too…but perhaps I also didn’t wait for them to cool completely. I don’t remember.

  10. i have nibbled on grilled chickpeas for years! They are a popular snack in Lebanon and are grilled in a special equipment and sold at roasteries or in carts on the street. This is a good substitute if you cannot get the grilled chickpeas, called kdaameh.

  11. We did these two for a “movie night” at our old yoga studio in Vancouver. It was amazing how popular they were; even more than potato chips which is saying something! Of course these are much more healthful though. We’ve also been doing a riff on chickpeas recently with a Chickpea Sundal featuring a lot on picnics. A similar thing, except the chickpeas are sauted and tossed with chilli, lemon juice and fresh coriander.

  12. The picture is so tempting and the recipe sounds absolutely delicious! A very nice alternative to popcorn for a movie night 🙂

  13. Great, I’ve been looking for a recipe for roast chickpeas! This looks delish and certainly moreish!

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